The Low Carb Cruise the start of my journey.

May 24th 2015 was the 8th annual Low Carb Cruise, I have been involved with the cruise since its start. I am on the committee and one of the organisers. Each year we meet up, have great seminars and socialise with like minded people who don’t think you’re weird for your choice of eating.

This year I was excited to be going but also dreading it as my insulin had caused a weight gain and I felt awful. When we landed I was exhausted from the long journey, my blood sugars were totally out of control. I had 3 hypos in one day, then my glucose would go high. My husband even started to worry as he had not really seen me like this before. My good friend Lynne Ivey came with us on a shopping trip, she notice I wasn’t my usual self, I am normally very bubbly and joking all the time. I talked to her and said I was thinking of talking to Dr Eric Westman to ask his advice, she said it was a good idea.

At the pre cruise dinner as it was ending I found Eric and explained what had been going on briefly. I said I was desperate to sort my health out, he asked me if I was 100% committed to doing this, well of course I said yes. At 10:30 pm we did a run to a pharmacy as I had forgotten my glucose monitor, I know stupid right?

Eric had advised me to totally give up carbs, I was thinking wow, I’m on vacation, really!!! It was only a slight thought! Of course who wouldn’t follow his advice? I was surrounded by all my friends and a ton of support, this was the ideal time to get sorted. Eric said I would be off insulin by the end of the week, I didn’t doubt him but I was doubting myself! Could I do this and stick to it?

On the bus to the ship I felt so ill, Insulin gave me terrible headaches, numb fingers and I constantly had a fuzzy head. Normally I would be busy organising people onto the coach, all I could do was find a seat and just sit without speaking hardly a word. The nausea was so bad I couldn’t talk. We got off the bus and Amy Dungan saw me getting off, she asked if I was OK, she went to hug me but I stopped her as I could barely hold it together. When we got settled on the ship I did my glucose level it was 204mg/dl or 11.3mmol/l. We got something to eat and finally i started to feel better.

People often ask me if you can eat Low Carb on a cruise. Well its like eating at a restaurant, choose steak ad salad, careful with the dressing and sauces. I have never found it difficult choosing something off the menu. As I was Zero Carb(ZC) I would order steak, chicken or fish, these were available every night, I would not eat the vegetabes. I ate these with butter to get my fat content in. I drank club soda all week. I don’t really drink diet cola so I didn’t miss it. I didn’t get carb flu as I ate low carb already, in fact by the second day of ZC my head started to clear and I felt more alert. Eric advised me to not have my fast acting insulin and just take my night time insulin. I was also on Dapagliflozin which draws glucose out of the blood and excretes it out in the urine. but I stopped taking that too. Our first port I picked up some supplements of a multivitamin and magnesium.

Typical breakfast on the cruise Chicken on the cruise salmon on cruise

I recorded my blood glucose regularly, and kept a log of it, Eric kept finding me and asking for updates and advising what course of action to take. I am a panicky sort of person and i kept worrying when my levels were high, Eric had a way of convincing me this wasn’t a problem. After 4 days I stopped worrying about the numbers in front of me and focused on not worrying about anything. I would get someone I didn’t know asking me for updates on my BG levels, they worked with Eric, so I felt so well cared for. The whole week was so easy to do as I was surrounded by so many good friends who were behind me 100%. Most people would think I was crazy for following this diet, but I know it works, and has helped so many people with diabetes.

By the end of the week as promised I was off my insulin, here is  a table of my progress.

Insulin table

So watch this space for regular updates of my progress.


3 thoughts on “The Low Carb Cruise the start of my journey.

  1. It was really inspiring to hear your report at the end of the cruise. So proud of you! Can I share a link to your blog on a FaceBook page called, Zero Carbs the Easy Way? There are so many people there that could benefit from your example. Thanks for considering.


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