My first progress report 6 weeks on.

This is my first progress update since starting this journey on the 24th May.I have been trying to do this post for over a week now, Work has been pretty busy lately and home life is also busy. I am off work now for 3 weeks so I am looking forward to doing more posts.

Has it been easy? Well surprisingly yes it has.  

It has helped knowing I have amazing people throughout the world behind me sharing my journey.

18 months ago I was in a very dark place and it has been a long journey and this change has been so welcomed as within a few days I felt that cloud had been lifted.

I am in such a routine that it is easy to stay on track and not once have I felt like straying. Last week though we went to a local bike meet. It was the one time I didn’t prepare. I had some beef, I ate something I didn’t know how it had been cooked. Although I had only a slight rise in my blood sugar, how it made me feel was interesting. It was as though I was drunk. I was so drowsy I kept falling a sleep, and I mean in a semi conscious kind of way. The next day those dark depressing feelings returned and I was in a can’t be bothered kind of mood. I realised that it was what I’d eaten the night before. So I drank lots of water and got right back to eating food that I’d prepared myself. This showed me just how affected I was by food. Because I had been eating clean it affected me more, the accumulated toxins you get from eating processed foods aren’t always noticeable. Although I was eating low carb I had become complacent and eating vegetables more. Excluding these from my diet has transformed me. This journey for me has been about finding foods that work well for me and keeping off those foods that cause me any kind of reaction. You have to find what works for you too, If you stick to basic and then eat something that gives a reaction then to me that is your body telling you not to eat that food. When you are in a severe state of inflammation then I do not believe you can feel the warning signals you get. Even though I was sticking to low carb some of the foods I was eating weren’t agreeing with me. It is only since cutting out all carbs and getting my body in a cleanish state that I can now tell when I eat something I shouldn’t. We all look at the allowed foods list and see what foods are ok for our particular way of eating, I never thought that even some of those foods weren’t right for me as an individual. Even in the very short time I have been doing this I have discovered foods I have had to eliminate from my diet. I have stuck rigidly to zero carb, we had friends over and I prepared a pudding, I made 83% cocoa chocolate and melted it and mixed it with cream, a little sweetener just to take the bitterness out. This was a dip for a fondue. I didn’t dip anything but I put the left over dip in a sweet mould and froze it. Now if I have a chocolate craving I have a small one. This doesn’t affect my body. But the other day I fancied something juicy so I thought great I will have a sugar free jelly(jello). The next day my knee and ankles were really hurting, it took 5 days for the aching to go away. Garlic I have found gives me acid reflux. I’m also finding some herbs(I haven’t singled out which ones yet) are giving me BG(blood Glucose) spikes. I know this seems strange but I am only going by how my body is reacting to the food I am eating. 

In January I had my A1c checked it was 107(12.9). Before the cruise they wanted me to have it checked again. I panicked and told the I would get it done after my vacation. It was great knowing I’d been on track for 5 weeks going for my blood test. I knew it would still be on the high side but I was hoping to see some improvement. Well my hard work was rewarded I got my results last week. It was 75(9), I was ecstatic. It showed that what I was doing was working. I can already see my averages each week are coming down. I still seem to be getting the odd spike, and I know it is not all to do with food but its more of a stress response. Some stresses as much as I would like to avoid I can’t, I am having to find coping strategies for these. The important thing with stress is, if you can make changes to cut down stress, great. Not all stresses can be avoided, it is those that need coping mechanisms to continue with your daily life. I have learnt to look at my BG readings as just data and not get too hung up when my BG is too high as it becomes a vicious cycle of stress. Thankfully though my levels are decreasing, if they seem too high to me I remember, before the cruise I was on insulin and getting much higher readings. Now, yes they are on the upper level of normal but they are a lot lower and with no insulin. 

So here is my weight update.


I have regularly been taking pictures of my face. 

So as you can see, I have made some possitive changes in my life, thankfully the figures are finally showing.

Next tie I will post some more photos of my changing body and talk about what exercise I do to tone up.

Ailsa x


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