Paleo from  A to Z by Darryl Edwards – Review


Well I was so privileged to receive a copy of Paleo A-Z. This is the perfect book for me. Growing up I was never an academic, I’m more a practical person, but I was so hungry for information I would sit reading encyclopaedias and dictionary’s. When watching T.V. Or having a conversation with someone I would keep looking up things we were talking about. Nothing much has changed, I always have my phone or iPad in my hand, people think I’m being ignorant, but I am often actually looking up facts from the topic of conversation.
 Paleo A-Z is written by Darryl Edwards, AKA The Fitness Explorer who successfully turned his life around from working in Investment Banking too becoming a very prominent fitness coach. He is the founder of Primal Play which from what I have seen has put the fun into fitness. He is a great speaker and totally engages his audiences.

This book is well written and very factual, it gives a lot of information about all aspects of Paleo. It explains all the terms really well so it can be easily understood. Often with many diets they are full of ambiguities and misunderstanding, this is a quick reference tool that is great to have on hand to answer all your questions. It doesn’t just explain Paleo but it also has other diet definitions too. It is endorsed by none other than Mark Sisson and Jimmy Moore and I trust these people.

What’s wrong with looking on Google I hear you say! Well the problem with searching the Internet a degree of common sense is needed, often the information is not correct and can be very misleading. Even Wikipedia has been known to be incorrect as the person inputting the info may not fully informed. So why trust Darryl? From what I have seen of Darryl, and I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Low Carb Cruise pre cruise dinner. He is full of enthusiasm and he is very passionate about what he does! That passion and enthusiasm is very infectious and I found my self wanting to hear more of what Darryl had to say. The book has a very thorough reference section at the back of the book so it is clear this man has done his homework.. 

There is a thorough section on blood work, explaining what each one is and what the normal values are. Vitamins and minerals are also very thoroughly covered, explaining their actions and how best sources for them. Lots of illnesses are covered especially those that are benefitted from changing to a paleo lifestyle.  

All aspects of Paleo and related diets are covered as are well known and not so well known terms. In the W section it lists foods you can eat and foods to avoid. This is great as from my experience as this is often where the confusion lies, I love that it is set down clearly what foods are allowed.

Being the Fitness Explorer obviously this is also well covered in the book.

One thing I did like, with each letter there is a meaningful quote.

I could go on about this book more but why not get yourself a copy and check it out for yourself.

UK Amazon
USA Amazon
Australia Amazon

Read more about the work Darryl does here.

Thanks for reading. 
Ailsa x


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