Is treat night really a good idea?

Well a week ago I allowed myself a treat(or cheat as some people call it, this to me has too many negatives), well it was more an unconscious slip up than a treat. Boy oh boy I wish I hadn’t. Well trying to get back on track has been the hardest thing ever. So I would never say this was a treat really, but there is a trend out there to allow yourself a treat now and then, there are a lucky few that can plan a treat and enjoy it then get straight back on with their preferred eating. I admire these people, most of my circle of friends are like me, one slip can start a downward spiral. 
We went for Indian at our favourite restaurant, I know and trust them completely with how they cook. I know the manager and owner very well, he knows exactly what I can and can’t eat and I had fish. It was amazing just the fish and spices nothing else. I drank some alcohol my favourite Captain Morgan spice and diet coke. I only ever drink coke as a mixer. On the way out I picked up a mint to freshen my mouth. I didn’t even realise what I was doing. Before I knew it I’d eaten it! 
That one mint sent me off my well planned and focussed track.. How stupid could I have been. All week I have been struggling to get back to the strict eating I was at. Now by low carb standards I am still eating low carb, but I have been zero carb while testing which foods affect me.  

I am trying to not let the thoughts of guilt creep in as that can make my off track last longer. I have noticed that when I have an off time, I stop planning, I feel low, I can’t be bothered with bootcamp. My thoughts are my worst enemy.

So I’m no quitter, I went back to bootcamp this week and it was tough going, I am feeling the aches, but they are good aches.
We are away this weekend, thankfully these friends totally understand my food choices and are very supportive. So staying on track is easy, then when I return I will be doing a Bone Broth fast to clean my body totally. I would do water only but I will be doing Bootcamp and my job entails lots of walks. I did this for 7 days 3 weeks ago and it leaves you feeling great at the end of it. My plan before may is to complete two 30 day fasts. I want to try reset my body and cells. Then I am going to do intermittent fasting in between and only eat breakfast and lunch, and nothing in the evening. This has been effective in addressing Dawn Phenomenon and normalising morning blood glucose. 
Those of you that may be panicking that I will be harming myself, I have read up lots, and I have a Dr on hand to help me and lots of experts on hand to make sure I am okay!  
So as you are following my journey I wanted to share my ups and downs and be truthful about my progress as I know a lot of people do have struggles like me, I want to help others without hiding any of my struggles. 
I will let you know my progress next week. Thank you all for being a part of my journey.

Ailsa xx


2 thoughts on “Is treat night really a good idea?

  1. It is surprising how one little thing can cause problems. But, I guess, it is like an alcoholic having one little drink. This happens to me, too.

    I’ll be anxious to hear how your IF works. I started an 8-4 eating plan today to get off these 10 pounds. My good friend on LCFs has lost a bit of weight by doing this. She does the evening edition.

    Best wishes!!!


    • When I do IF I’m going to have breakfast and lunch then nothing more until the next morning. I am trying to reduce my morning blood glucose. This regime is supposed to help that. Good luck with your journey and let me know how you get on.


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