Get Fit for 50

Well today is a big marker in my life, I am 50 years old.   In 2004 I was at my heaviest, I was over 20 stone/280 pound. I say over as I stopped weighing. I had been type 2 diabetic since 1997, I had arthritis in my lower back – L4 L5, my knees were incredibly painful, walking was slow and exhausting. I could not manage my diabetes because the diet they told me I had to eat, high carb, full of grains and low fat was actually making my condition worse. They put me on insulin, which to some degree lowered my blood glucose. It was then I found information on The Atkins Diet, so I half heartedly started this ‘diet’. I lost about 4 stone/56 pound, I felt so much better and managed to get off insulin. Like many people who go on a ‘diet’ as soon as you lose weight and feel better about yourself you go back to your old ways of eating!! Shame on me! So the obvious thing happened, yes I put weight back on and was put back on insulin. When my first marriage ended in 2006, I lost a significant amount of weight, I felt great and I had rekindled an old romance with Chris. We have known each other since I was 16 and he was 18. We were sat in the garden one summer evening enjoying a glass of wine, Chris made a passing comment on how wonderful and full the sky was with stars. I looked up and could not believe it but I could not see any stars! I looked at Chris and said what stars, I can’t see any. This was the wake up call I needed, I needed to do something and quickly! This was when I realised if I did not make the change I was going to go blind and eat my way into an early grave. This was when I thought I am approaching 50, I really needed a goal. So started my personal Get Fit For 50 campaign.I had made friends online in 2006 with 2 American ladies Becky Gandy and Debbie Hubbs who were planning a cruise, we were all on a website, the owner of the website made me international liaison for the cruise and told me she would help me with my fair to go on it. I was so excited. Then the website became very controversial and it all fell apart. Thankfully Becky and Debbie felt it would be great to still go. The idea was it would be a cruise of like minded people just getting together and enjoying eating the same kinds of food. I put the idea to Chris and we booked it! We were committed. There was also this guy that people were talking about, he had some great success with losing weight on the Atkins diet, he was dedicated to sharing his story with others and helping people to do the same. Being in the UK I had never heard of him, but I looked him up and thought wow he sounds great. He had transformed himself and making it work, maybe I could learn something from him. He was none other than Jimmy Moore. Little did I know then what we were starting. Kim Yarborough joined us and we had a great team.

That first cruise was just under 30 people, it was very informal and we were the speakers. We each shared our Journey. We all thought it was a good idea to do this the following year, Jimmy said he could try get a few Dr’s and specialists to come and share their knowledge. The rest is history. Each year we have grown and developed. This years cruise we saw 200 guests. We had a wide range of speakers who travel from all over the world, talking about LCHF(Low carb high fat), Paleo, and ketogenic among other topics. All the speakers volunteer their time, and they are all experts and are backed up by research. The stories shared are amazing.

The Low Carb Cruise has become a very big part of my life, and Chris’s for that matter, Debbie’s husband Don has become Chris’s partner in crime, they even lead others astray with their funny antics, to play pranks on some of the guests! Sorry Laurie 😁!

In 2012 Chris proposed to me on the cruise.

In 2013 we got married and had a beach ceremony in Honduras.


I feel the cruise is a big family now, I have found some very dear lifelong friends and love meeting up with them each year.

I had been having a 2 year stall, the main cause being stress, so on the last cruise with the help of Dr Eric Westman I started on my next part of my journey, I am eating Zero Carb, although I do eat avocados. This is an evolving process for me, but one I am committed to. My diabetes is still improving and I am trying to combat the stress in my life. I am learning about what foods I can and can’t eat. I am finding what works for me. In May I will do a blog with all the figures in.

I am so committed to this lifestyle(not a diet) that Chris has enrolled me on a course for my birthday. I am about to start my journey as a Nutritional Therapist. I plan to help others achieve what I and thousands of people around the world have done. I want to enable people to take control of their life with good sound advice that is backed up by solid research.

I often have people comment about what I eat, things like, “well you can’t be expected to not eat bread, or pasta, or rice. I just think inwardly, if it keeps me well then yes I can live without those things. If I eat those things I feel ill for days after, so it’s not worth it.

So my get fit for 50 is on track. I’m still not there, but I’m hoping by my next birthday to be at goal weight and have totally normal blood glucose levels. I am fitter than I have ever been, Bootcamp helps me do that!

I have a wonderful family that I love.
Low carb isn’t for everyone, but I know for me my LCHF journey is saving my like. It’s about finding what works with you and your body and sticking with it.


Ailsa x

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A quick update on my fast

Well after my fast last week I had a meal on Saturday of fish, it’s funny how just by having even a small break it can make it hard to get back onto a fast. I’m not worried at all as I still stayed on track. When I have days when I plan to fast I make sure I have something on hand to eat if I am struggling. Usually it’s an avocado or macadamia nuts. That way I am still intermittent fasting. Yesterday I was getting frustrated and wondering why I was struggling, then I realised each morning this week I got up and had a cup of bone broth first thing. Now I’m not really a breakfast person as whenever I used to have breakfast I would crave food all day. The only time I can manage it is when I am on vacation. So this morning when I woke I had just a drink of water. Not lots but enough to satisfy my thirst. I sipped water through the morning, just enough to satisfy my thirst but I didn’t gulp it down. 

At about 1:30 I had about 300ml of bone broth, it was homemade and so yummy and full of gelatine. 

In the afternoon I did a 2 mile walk at quite a fast pace and felt great. I sipped water for the rest of the afternoon, I felt great and in control again. This evening I have just had another 300ml of bone broth, just because I felt I needed some electrolytes replenishing. 

So tonight I’m going to bed feeling very happy and accomplished. I am in control. So I will continue until my birthday next Friday. I am going to a tea room owned by my friend, so I will give her a keto recipe and she will make it for me. My husband wants to go to a carvery for my birthday which will be fine as I will just have some meat. In my head I’m planning exactly what I’m going to do so I will be ready. I am prepared.
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Ailsa x

Let’s Talk About Exercise.

In January 2014, following a recommendation from my Chiropractor, I contacted Susan Taylor the owner of Isleloseit Fitness Camp. She was very enthusiastic and made me feel I could really do this. She told me they met locally 6:15-7 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I said that I might have difficulty in making it on the Wednesday and Friday as I wasn’t sure what time I finished work. Susan asked if I worked nights! Oh how naïve I was lol! I didn’t realise it was 6:15am!!!!!!! I remember my first bootcamp session, I felt so unfit, I could only manage 1 Burpee, I was the slowest but I was determined. I never felt I was letting anyone down as we all worked to our own ability. As it was winter and very cold I had to layer up, so I felt more like Michelin Man running around.

The exercises we do are HIIT(High-intensity Interval Training) Every day we go it is something different, this is better for me as I never know what I am going to do. We have a great group of people and we all support each other, even if I am not perfect I always do my best and if I can help someone in the process I’m happy.
People have called me crazy in the past for getting up so early in the morning, but for me it is the best time of day:-

  • I don’t have time to argue with myself
  • Once I have finished I do not have to think about exercise any more that day. If I had to do Bootcamp in the evening I would have all day to talk myself out of it.
  • I start my day with a sense of achievement. Putting me in a good mindset.

My coach Sarah is brilliant at getting me motivated and if ever I have gone through a bad spell which I did earlier this year she was always there for me giving me support. I do have depression and at times just getting out of bed in a morning can be a real challenge. But thankfully Sarah is aware of this and understands my down times. If I miss a session she will text me to give me the nudge I need.     Janre, Susan’s business partner often comes and visits our camp. She is always there on hand if you have a problem,  she is also a great motivator.
I train with a great bunch of people who are very supportive, we encourage each other and even have a laugh, this all give out a good feeling and a sense of achievement. It is like a big family.

It can be tough going especially when its raining or we are laying on a cold snowy field, but I actually prefer the cold weather because I know that thermogenesis is great for weight loss, So the colder the temperature is the faster my body is burning fat.

It can be a vicious cycle, you don’t exercise because you are depressed, but doing exercise helps your depression, I sometimes have to have a stern talk with myself to keep going. It would be so easy to give up, I often have an inward battle but I no I don’t really have the option to not do it as I would stagnate.
So what you need to do is find something you enjoy, In my opinion HIIT or resistance training are the best all round exercise for weight loss, cardio is good but it doesn’t promote weight loss. Although I I sometimes enjoy it for the feel good factor.
 I still hate Burpees, and I moan about doing them, but at least I am actually getting out of bed to do something to make a change for the better.

 If it wasn’t for Susan and her company, also Sarah and Jane I would be in my warm cosy bed every morning, but I would not be fit and toning my body up!

Find somewhere local to you and give it a go. Don’t just sit and think about it do it!! If you can only manage a walk that is better than nothing.
If you live in Scunthorpe or the surrounding area then you can find the website for Isleloseit here.


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