A quick update on my fast

Well after my fast last week I had a meal on Saturday of fish, it’s funny how just by having even a small break it can make it hard to get back onto a fast. I’m not worried at all as I still stayed on track. When I have days when I plan to fast I make sure I have something on hand to eat if I am struggling. Usually it’s an avocado or macadamia nuts. That way I am still intermittent fasting. Yesterday I was getting frustrated and wondering why I was struggling, then I realised each morning this week I got up and had a cup of bone broth first thing. Now I’m not really a breakfast person as whenever I used to have breakfast I would crave food all day. The only time I can manage it is when I am on vacation. So this morning when I woke I had just a drink of water. Not lots but enough to satisfy my thirst. I sipped water through the morning, just enough to satisfy my thirst but I didn’t gulp it down. 

At about 1:30 I had about 300ml of bone broth, it was homemade and so yummy and full of gelatine. 

In the afternoon I did a 2 mile walk at quite a fast pace and felt great. I sipped water for the rest of the afternoon, I felt great and in control again. This evening I have just had another 300ml of bone broth, just because I felt I needed some electrolytes replenishing. 

So tonight I’m going to bed feeling very happy and accomplished. I am in control. So I will continue until my birthday next Friday. I am going to a tea room owned by my friend, so I will give her a keto recipe and she will make it for me. My husband wants to go to a carvery for my birthday which will be fine as I will just have some meat. In my head I’m planning exactly what I’m going to do so I will be ready. I am prepared.
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