My 50th birthday tour of Scotland and getting back on track.

This is wher i got my name from, the Ailsa Craig

Woo what a week I’ve had, one of my best friend Debbie Hubbs and her husband Don came over for my 50th birthday celebration, then we set off for Scotland. The sights were incredible, and breathtaking. It was so great to show a friend from another country my beautiful homeland. Although Scotland is a separate country to England I have a special kinship with it, as my name is Scottish and I have family from a town called Girvan in Ayrshire. 

Debbie Hubbs and myself.


I did over indulge in foods that I knew were not LCHF, and other foods that could not be guaranteed as LCHF. Haggis is one of my favourite indulgences but it is not on my usual allowed food lists. It is important when taking a break you still remain in control and make choices. But also you must not have the mind set you have blown it so what the heck! 

This will not be too much of a problem as long as I can get right back on it now I have returned. One thing I have been looking into is a low histamine diet, I have noticed even when I stick 100% to zero carb I still sometimes seem to be having a reaction. I.E. bloating, swollen fingers, IBS, and itchy eyes and sneezing. This could be affecting my cortisol levels which has a knock on effect with my morning BG. This will explain why some spices have been causing a reaction. I will keep you all informed on how I get on and do another blog post with the foods you need to avoid.

The tip to going on vacation and eating off plan is to focus on the day after you get back and that is the day you return to your way of eating. Stay really focuses and tell yourself “that is the day, no excuses”
One big turning point for me is I have totally given up sweetener in my tea and coffee, as anyone who knows me will know this is a big thing. I enjoy a nice hot sweet cup of tea. Coffee I would never have been able to enjoy it without sweetener in. But on my 50th birthday I returned home from bootcamp and made myself a coffee with cream in. I sat down for a chat with my husband before he went off to work. I took a mouthful of coffee and realised I’d forgotten to put sweetener in. The bottom line is because of my hard workout I was too lazy to get up and go get the sweetener. While drinking my coffee I was thinking “you know actually this doesn’t taste too bad!”. So, after my husband left I made a second coffee before I got on with housework for the day. This second cup, I purposely omitted sweetener, I thought if I could drink one cup then maybe I would manage another without. I went upstairs with it and sat and planned my day, I’m a list person, so this time is important for me. I drank that second cup and quite enjoyed the taste of the coffee. So since then I have stopped having all sweetener, as a sugar addict it will be the same for sweetener, I cannot ever have that sweetener in my hot beverages again, I do get tempted but I stop myself. I know that one slip and I will be back with the sweetener. The funny thing is, when having sweetener in my coffee I couldn’t really taste the coffee properly, but now I actually prefer a it, I find it quenches my thirst better.
The only sweetener I will have, will be in any baking I do, which is rarely. Everything I am doing with my WOE is progress, giving up sweetener, going off track and getting right back on it, learning which foods are affecting my body. I am finding it easier to keep going. When making the choice to eat well and only eat the foods that keep you well, it can be a hard undertaking, but one that I’m committed to. You have to be strong with yourself, while having others trying to convince you, you are wrong. Other people often don’t get it, if you have not had a diagnosis like coeliac that prevents you eating something, people are accepting of that. When it comes to making a choice they do not understand that you can’t eat certain foods because you choose not to, I have learnt to stretch the truth a little. I tell people I can’t eat certain foods as they make me ill, which isn’t lying really as those foods do make me ill, but I over emphasise it to make them understand. My biggest obstical is often other people! One of the worst things to say to me is “Oh you can’t eat that can you” Chris says this to me all the time. My response is always “yes I can eat that but I choose not to”! But telling me I can’t eat something is taking my choice away! Emotional eating is so hard for people to understand, if people aren’t like it they just don’t get it. These are the kind that can wake up one morning and make the right food choices. They never feel the ‘need’ to eat what they shouldn’t. I think I sometimes come across like this, but I have to be so strict with myself to stay on track. If something is low carb but it has sugar listed in the ingredients, then that food is not low carb. I look at ingredients first then carb content second. It has to be that strict for me! This is not usually a problem as I normally only eat foods I’ve cooked myself.


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