Low carb egg and bacon breakfast muffins.

These are a quick go to breakfast that you can make ahead of time. Make a batch of these at a weekend and put 2 in a ziplock bag and freeze.

If you think of these as omelette muffins you get the idea that these can have whatever ingredient you want in them, you can experiment with ingredients too.

  • You allow 1 egg per muffin so if you have a 12 muffin tin you will need 12 eggs, but depending on the size of you eggs you may need less.
  • Bacon cut into small pieces, or whatever meat you choose.
  • Onions chopped up small
  • Cheese
  • Or any other combinations you want to try.
  • Salt and pepper.
  • Herbs and spices to taste.
  • Coconut oil/butter


  • Preheat the oven 180°C/350°F/Gas 4
  • Break eggs into a bowl and whisk until blended. 
  • In a pan cook the bacon on a low heat. 
  • Put a small amount of coconut oil/butter in each muffin section and put in the oven to melt for a few minute
  • Add any of the ingredients you are using to the muffin tin.
  • Place in the oven, keep an eye on them as your oven may be different. Mine took 18 minutes.

Allow them to cool then put 2 in each ziplock bag or whatever container you are using. Put them in the freezer, they can be left on the refrigerator if you are going to eat them within a couple of days. They are then ready to grab in the morning to take to work.  If you want to eat them first thing in a morning get them out the evening before and leave them in he fridge overnight to defrost. I like them cold but they can be reheated in the microwave for about a minute but may differ for your microwave, make sure they are heated thoroughly before eating.

You can be adventurous and choose some great combinations to alleviate boredom of the same foods.

  • Spinach and salmon
  • Chorizo 
  • Cheese and mushroom

This list could go on.

Here is a scope for Periscope I did making these.

 Egg and Bacon Breakfast Muffins
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Could Histamine be the cause of many ailments.

The last 3 months have been really busy, firstly when I’m working I get so exhausted that I don’t have time to blog as much as I would like(more about my constant tiredness later). It’s amazing how my journey is unraveling, I have discovered the human body is a wonderful thing. I have learnt that when things do not seem to be going as they should then I need to listen to my body and try to figure out what it is trying to tell me. I seem to find something out, get results then something else comes to light and I learn something new. One thing I have realised is never give up, it would be quite easy to think this way of eating is not for me and just go back to my old ways. I’d be back on insulin, probably going blind and develop ulcers and a whole load of other things associated with diabetes.
I am constantly reading and learning new things and I’m also in quite a few Facebook groups. I don’t visit as much as I’d like as when I’ve been at work I’m too tired. Well one night I was looking in a group and someone posted about Histamine Intolerance, thank you Emma Slater 😊. So I clicked on the link and read. It was as though someone had switched a light bulb on in my brain. All the symptoms they were describing I had most of them. When I thought back years I could put incidents matching the symptoms, my first thought was how stupid was I not to realise this earlier. The problem I believe was, LIFE, we get so stuck into the routine of working and raising kids. That we don’t take note of our own health and how we are feeling. Often as a working mum we have a list of priorities, work, the kids, housework, the husband/partner, pets,. This list goes on and is different for each person. The one thing that can be said of most people and is usually the same for most people, ME, this is usually placed at the bottom. We need to try and endeavour to put ME nearer to the top, if we don’t look after ourselves first then the rest of the list can fall apart.
So back to Histamine Intolerance, which in my opinion should be called DAO deficiency, as we naturally have histamine in our system. When we have the right balance of histamine we are fine, so we are not Intolerant to histamine. I have told many people about my journey, I know some disagree with my zero carb choice but I was on the right track. People have even commented that I need leafy green vegetables as they will never affect my blood glucose. One of the foods with the highest histamine levels is spinach, I knew deep down these foods were affecting me but I couldn’t put my finger on why. Thankfully down the the research I’ve been doing I have been able to compile lists of foods that are good to eat, and foods to avoid. This will also include spices and herbs. I intend to only put up in my home ‘foods allowed’, I work so much better with this. If it isn’t on the list it isn’t allowed.
If you believe this could be you then it is best to get it diagnosed. Unfortunately in the UK we cannot walk into a GP’s office and ask for a specific blood test. It is most likely they won’t believe in it. You can find a lab that will do the test but it will cost over £200. I am still searching for more options and labs. 

Some of you will be saying ‘just take an antihistamine’! Yes if your symptoms are that bad you can take one, but it is just masking the problem, medication doesn’t cure it, it just lessens how much histamine you produce temporarily, and the relieves symptoms you are experiencing. The best way to solve Histamine Intolerance is by diet and lifestyle. Everybody is an individual and what works for one may not work for another, I am only giving you my findings and how it relates to me. If you do this for yourself then you need to find which foods affect you. The only time I would take an antihistamine is when I travel as this seems to affect me really bad.

Often when you have Histamine Intolerance it is because you DAO levels are low. DAO(Diamine Oxidase) is an enzyme that breaks down and metabolises histamine in your body. Lots of food we eat contain histamine, under normal circumstances we have enough DAO in our system to cope with this. When this system fails for whatever reason we cannot metabolise the histamine and we get an excess in our body causing symptoms. You can buy a supplement that contains DAO, but it has to be taken at the right time before eating. There is some argument as to how effective it is too.

The symptoms of Histamine Intolerance.
 • Migraine and headaches.
 • IBS, constipation, flatulence and leaky gut.
 • Skin problems such as dry patches of skin, psoriasis, urticaria and prickly heat.
 • Fibromyalgia type symptoms. Muscle soreness and joint pain.
 • Excess mucous in the nasal passage, throat and upper lungs. Causing sneezes, itchy eyes and hay fever like symptoms.
 • Chronic Fatigue.
 • High stress levels.

This list can go on as everybody has different symptoms. If you keep a journal of your own symptoms and if they clear up when eliminating foods, this will help you.
Foods to avoid
This is a hard list to write as all of the research I have read this list can be very different from source to source. On one site it will say avoid tea, on another it will say drink tea. I am going to put the most common high histamine foods down, but it is up to each individual to find out which food causes a reaction. Again how you react is an individual thing too, I may find for me I react to certain foods. But you may be okay with the same foods. It is a journey of selfdiscovery.
 • Avocado
 • Canned food

 • Beans and pulses

 • Mature cheese

 • Cured and smoked meats

 • Canned foods

 • Pickled foods

 • Vinegar

 • Fermented foods

 • Nuts

 • Processed foods

 • Ready meals

 • Salted snacks.

 • Sugary products

 • Foods containing preservatives.

 • Spinach

 • Shell fish

 • Tuna

 • Leftover foods.

 • Yeast as during the process in modern times this is a faster process which causes raised histamine levels in the food at the end of the process.

 • Aged meats such as steak

 • Chilli

A histamine liberator is a food that when eaten causes the body to release histamine.

 • Citric fruits
 • Egg whites when eaten raw

 • Beans and pulses

 • Nuts

 • Wheat germ

 • Papaya

 • Chocolate and cocoa

 • Food additives such as nitrates and glutamates.

 • Tomatoes

These are food that block the release of DAO so histamine can not be broken down.

 • Green and black tea
 • Alcohol

 • Energy drinks

These foods if eaten fresh and if cooked is frozen or refrigerated as soon as cooled.

 • Fresh meat
 • Freshly caught fish, especially if caught and frozen immediately 

 • Chicken

 • Fresh fruit not on the above lists

 • Fresh vegetables

 • Milk substitutes as in coconut milk etc

 • Egg yolk and freshly cooked eggs

 • Mild and cream cheese(but dairy may cause issues in some people)

 • Butter that is kept in the fridge and not left to go rancid

 • Good healthy fats such as olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil. 

 • Herbs 

 • Spices(you need to do an elimination diet and test if you react to each individually. Turmeric and ginger are known natural healers for the body.

 • Herbal teas(again you need to test with these)

If you imagine a large mixing bowl, full of water. This represents the histamine in the body. When we are deficient in DAO we cannot breakdown any excess histamine. So when we eat food with high or even medium histamine the bowl that is already full overflows. If we cannot produce DAO then we cannot breakdown the extra histamine that is now circulating within our body. This leads to any number of the above mentioned symptoms which make us feel ill. Sometimes though when this is a chronic situation we know we feel ill but we switch off to it and can’t put our finger on what we are really feeling. We just get used to feeling this way. This is me!
Recently no matter how I eat my blood glucose levels are still elevated despite eating very low carb. I have Chronic Fatigue, headaches. My IBS has gone crazy. Any improvements have happened when I fast. I am in the process of making my own body care products using all natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils. It is amazing how many chemicals we bombard our bodies with just by washing our hair and body. 
So my plan now is to stick to a low histamine autoimmune protocol diet. This is an elimination diet with food testing after a period of time.
Do intermittent fasting eating only at lunch time.

Keep a food journal with notes of how my body is feeling.

I have also discovered I have Autoimmune Disease I will cover this in a later blog post. The good thing about finding out what is wrong with you is that you then can get control back and work at healing you body.
When needing to heal our body you have to be in a state where you can listen to the messages from your body so as soon as you eat something that can cause the s I’ll health we get a signal straight away. One example is I have cut back on all dairy for the last 6 weeks. A few days ago I tried some cheese. Within 10 minutes I had a sneezing fit. This is not the first time this has happened so I now know I have a definite response to cheese and I need to keep it out of my dispel for longer. This doesn’t mean I will never be able to eat cheese again, but for the time being I will avoid it.

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Some great news I want to share.

I recently did a Nutritional Therapy course, which I am pleased to say I am now qualified. 
Since starting my own journey, it has been my dream to help others. I do help others already but I can now do it in a official capacity.
I am so excited to impart knowledge that I have grown over the past 11 years. 
I have so many plans how I want to do this, locally I want to go into people’s homes and teach them about the foods they eat and how to shop wisely. I love to do this with people long distance but it will have to be done over Skype. I just want people to feel how I feel. I want to restore their health, self worth and how they feel about themselves.
Yesterday I had one of those moments, I saw someone whom I hadn’t seen for quite a few months. The first thing she said was “wow, you’ve lost a lot of  weight”. When losing weight we often don’t see it in ourselves, but someone saying that, reminds us of our achievement and that it is often more noticeable to others. 
I know that since this years cruise in May I am down 6 dress sizes. Although when I look in the mirror, because I am a top heavy I still see the same person I was in May. I tend to lose weight on my bottom half first.
So don’t give up, you can do this. Even when you have an off day, remember the reasons you are doing this and get right back on it!
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Starbucks have Coconut Milk. Good or bad

Imagine my excitement when I find out Starbucks are to stock coconut milk.They are the leaders in doing this so they are to be applauded for that progress.

Having just discovered I’m Histamine Intollerent and I have Autoimmune Disease part of my elimination diet, dairy is out and definitely sugar which I don’t; eat, plus having diabetes and the damage sugar causes in the body. We just went in a Starbucks on our way back from spending a great break with Jimmy & Christine Moore. I spoke to the very nice barista who obliged by showing me the carton. To my dismay in the ingredients it has sugar. To some this is a small amount of sugar but for me this will cause a rise in my blood glucose and give me severe joint paint for 2-3 days. 

I will be emailing Starbucks and asking them if they will source a better no sugar variety of coconut milk. I will let you know what response if any I get. I know a lot of people follow me so let’s email them and request the same. If enough people request they will have to listen. The nutritional content will probably say 0.5 gram of sugar but I haven’t photographed that bit because in my opinion to be true to LCHF we must check ingredients first before before looking at the nutritional values. If it contains an ingredient that we shouldn’t be consuming then we shouldn’t be having it in our diet. 

 Any of my followers in the States could you go into Starbucks and check theirs out please as I would be interested if it is the same over there!
So come on people our community is growing but it can only happen if we use our voices. We need to keep persevering and pioneering to make the change.
Their email address is customerfirst@starbucks.com

So I will let you know any response I get from Starbucks.
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