Starbucks have Coconut Milk. Good or bad

Imagine my excitement when I find out Starbucks are to stock coconut milk.They are the leaders in doing this so they are to be applauded for that progress.

Having just discovered I’m Histamine Intollerent and I have Autoimmune Disease part of my elimination diet, dairy is out and definitely sugar which I don’t; eat, plus having diabetes and the damage sugar causes in the body. We just went in a Starbucks on our way back from spending a great break with Jimmy & Christine Moore. I spoke to the very nice barista who obliged by showing me the carton. To my dismay in the ingredients it has sugar. To some this is a small amount of sugar but for me this will cause a rise in my blood glucose and give me severe joint paint for 2-3 days. 

I will be emailing Starbucks and asking them if they will source a better no sugar variety of coconut milk. I will let you know what response if any I get. I know a lot of people follow me so let’s email them and request the same. If enough people request they will have to listen. The nutritional content will probably say 0.5 gram of sugar but I haven’t photographed that bit because in my opinion to be true to LCHF we must check ingredients first before before looking at the nutritional values. If it contains an ingredient that we shouldn’t be consuming then we shouldn’t be having it in our diet. 

 Any of my followers in the States could you go into Starbucks and check theirs out please as I would be interested if it is the same over there!
So come on people our community is growing but it can only happen if we use our voices. We need to keep persevering and pioneering to make the change.
Their email address is

So I will let you know any response I get from Starbucks.
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2 thoughts on “Starbucks have Coconut Milk. Good or bad

  1. Thanks for making us aware! Like you I can’t handle even a little sweetness, I guess we are sweet enough already LOL. It’s encouraging to see these new trends but I hate when they only make it halfway. I do hope starbucks listens. Thanks for inspiring!


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