Overweight Haters Ltd 

It has taken me a few days to actually decide whether I should write this post. Jimmy did a scope on Periscope about this, and like him I was in a dilemma whether to spread this. I don’t want this to be seen as spreading their word, but I absolutely feel now I need to share this atrocity. This is not free publicity for this group, it is to shame them!This group in London have taken it upon themselves to let people they think are ‘fat’ know much they hate them. They hand out cards to people making a judgement about them.
The cards assert the following:
Overweight people are wasting NHS money

 • How are they wasting the NHS money? They are most probably commuting to work so they are paying for their own health care. The NHS is not a free service, as we pay through our salary contributions.

Overweight people are wasting food resources while the rest of the world is starving. 

 • If people are buying the food with their own money, then how is that wasting somebody else’s food and causing them to starve? If I eat less food, does my extra portion that I do not eat go to starving people in other countries? NO

If overweight people eat less they will be healthier, happier, and find a partner.

 • Well this just shows their immaturity and lack of knowledge. Are they saying all overweight people are single? Do only thin people have worthwhile partners? I do not eat a lot of food each day, but I am still classed as overweight. I am part way through my journey.

Overweight people they are fat ugly humans.

 • Again these statements make it appear that this group is full of young immature people. If they are older then they are still immature and old enough to know better. Do they not realise the consequence of saying these things to someone very depressed could mean that person feels so worthless and life is not worth living anymore? These people do not need telling they are overweight! They are faced with it every time they look in a mirror. People who are overweight are often in a very low emotional state and they have very low self esteem. They are often a joker and come across as confident but this is usually to hide their real feelings. I know all this because I was there! They are stuck in a vicious cycle and can’t stop the food cravings.

Reading this card it is very obvious these people are nasty sad individuals who obviously do not have a conscience, they hide behind the cards they give out. I really hope they give their card to a person who is not afraid to fight back! Then I hope they reap what they sow! One day they may have a weight problem, I just pray they will be treated with the respect all human beings deserve. Maybe they smoke, does this not make them worse? 

Riding on the underground, if one of these uneducated idiots saw me they would probably give me a card. But looking at me at first glance does not give you the right to judge me as YOU do not know me! I am part way through my journey, I have lost over 100 pound already. But if I didn’t lose another pound it would not bother me as I am healthier now than I have ever been, I walk on average 4 miles a day! My journey is not about the number on the scales, it is about what I feel and my health. I was on insulin and diabetes meds, I am now diet controlled! But without getting to know me you would not realise that. 
My daily intake on average is:
I have a late breakfast/lunch; usually some meat with salad/ low carb vegetables . I may have avocado.
I tend not to eat in the evenings, if I do it would be something very light.
Last time I weighed, which is not very often, I was 14stone (198 pound). I am classed as overweight. I have lost over 100 pound as I have said earlier.
Lastly, again proving their immaturity they need to learn how to spell. BEAUTIFUL has a U in it!
Thankfully the police are investigating these people. Hopefully they will be caught and shamed for what they are – big bullies!

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