Happy New Year.

Yes a bit late I know.I have been really busy and worked through Christmas, so now I feel I need a holiday. Doing my day job really is a drain on me but I am not in a position at the moment to make the change I really want to do. Often I come home and I literally have not got the energy to do what I really want to do. I sometimes feel I’m letting you all down and not doing Periscope more, not blogging more, but I know you are all understanding. 

I work as a carer for a 22 year old lady with non verbal autism, I love my job and working with her. But! It is a very emotionally draining job for me. I am quite empathetic and I am switched on to her needs from the moment I see her until I finish my day, often 12 hours. The whole day I have to anticipate her every need, if she is angry, I feel it. So I have to keep an upbeat mood, and remain jolly all day long. I have found that the older I am getting the more of a drain this is becoming for me. I have got plans, but my career change is something I am so passionate about and dedicated to helping others, but the first person I help every day first is myself. I spend time with myself before going to work, this I have found has made such a difference to my day.

Some of the things I have been doing over Christmas is get ready my Nutrition package for clients. It was more time consuming than I thought it would be but I’m almost finished. 
I am working with some wonderful people and helping them to achieve what I am achieving. One of the groups are really doing well and I am so proud of them. 

My health is also continuing to improve, but between now and the Low Carb Cruise I am not revealing too much as I am speaking this year on the cruise about my journey. 
My goals for this year are:-

  • To continue with my diabetes reversal.
  • Blog more often.
  • Grow my business.
  • Drop my regular job and do nutrition full time.(This could take a few years but I’m heading there)
  • Continue to help other to grow into a healthy body.
  • Write about my journey so other can see it is possible to reverse ill health, even long term illness. 
  • Make time for me and love me! (Corny I know but very relevant).

So instead of new year resolutions, make goals, I think goals are more achievable and easier to track. Most people start on a whim on the 1st of January and by the 31st they are back to their old ways. 

So sit down with a notebook. Make some notes and work towards your goals.

Each day before you do anything, plan that day, write down what you need to do that day, at the end of the day look back and mark off those things you achieved. Doing this one thing each day has put me back in control. I am now less likely to forget any errands, so I end my day knowing I got done what I could. Anything that didn’t get done I put down for tomorrow. If I find I am procrastinating and adding the same note I make that a top priority and push myself to do it. I will be doing a later blog on the system I am using.
So as we are speeding into this year, make your goals count. Love yourself and nurture YOUR needs first. If you truly look after yourself first you are better equipped to help others.


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