Being spontaneous with LCHF

Now any of you that know me will know my motto is always ‘Plan ahead’. 
But when the hubby says lets do a BBQ, I can usually whip up something quick.

Whenever we used to do a BBQ the rest of the family had their crappy processed burgers while I always made my own. They started to ask about my burgers and eventually they tried mine and preferred them. So now thankfully no more crappy burgers only home made ones. 
To be honest they are so easy to make and take a few minutes to prepare. 
So all you need is:-
Ground/minced beef or lamb.

Herbs and Spices to flavour.

1-2 eggs depending how much meat you use.

Liquid Smoke

Smoked cheese.

Above, I used Lamb, fresh mint, an egg to bind it all together and salt and pepper.

Above is beef, fresh basil, an egg to bind, liquid smoke and salt and pepper to taste.

I add smoked cheese to the beef burgers placing a piece in the centre then wrapping beef around to enclose it.

The top ones are the beef with cheese inside. The bottom ones are lamb. You can use a burger press, but I find using my hands are just as quick and less messy.

Cook on the BBQ, don’t turn them too often as they will fall apart.

I love avocado, my appetite is quite small, I only ate half the amount, saving the rest for the next day!

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