Don’t let things become a chore! Be thankful.

In my job, I work with a lady with non verbal autism. I find my work very rewarding. 

Every day I work with her I walk about 4 miles, this is part of her therapy, and if I’m honest mine. We walk through rain, snow, wind and sun! This walk can be exhausting as if my lady is reluctant I have constantly be encouraging, skipping and be really enthusiastic to motivate her to walk! Our winter has been quite cold, windy and wet, thankfully no snow. So a few weeks ago we had the first warm day for walking. This should have been a great mood lifter. As I was walking around this beautiful country park where we do a 2 mile walk. I was feeling so resentful! Almost to the point of being angry. From all the walking I do, I have planter fasciitis! My right foot was hurting. My left knee was hurting. This became my focus!

While walking I could hear the birds singing, the rhododendrons were in beautiful full bloom. The sun was lovely and warming. I should have been rejoicing, yet because of my negative mood I could not enjoy it. 

The walking that I love so much had become a chore, all I could think about was the times I’d done this walk in the cold and wet! I felt my work had killed my love of walking. I spoke to my husband, Chris, telling him how fed up I was and I’d had enough! Within 2 minutes I’d passed my negativity onto him. He then said he had had enough of his job! 

When I got off the phone my first thoughts were, can I not be fed up on my own, without someone else joining me! I had passed on my negativity like a virus!

I was having a bad day, we all have them! This can set our mood for days unless we become mindful and change it! We all have that power within ourselves to change our mindset. Nobody can do it for us, we have to make that choice and make it happen. Others can give us the tool, but we are ultimately our own drivers. I’m not talking about depression, that is something you can’t just snap out of! I’m talking about negative mindsets!

So the next day, realising my negativity needed to change, I set off on the walk but this time I was mindful! That is being in the ‘now’! I listened, the birds, they sounded beautiful, chirping away their little conversations! I looked at all the colours amongst the foliage! I could see the squirrels foraging and running up the trees. I took deep breaths of the forest’s damp floral scented fresh air! Yes my foot and knees was hurting but I chose not to let this stop my enjoyment! Walking would benefit me. It will help my insulin resistance! It will keep me fit and it is probably better for me than 20 minutes down the gym!

Then I started to think about my many friends who have office jobs, or work that means they have to be inside all day! I realised how very lucky I am. Yes winter is hard, and my friends in their offices probably feel luckier than me when I’m walking in the cold, wet, windy weather. So I am now changing my mindset to find the good in everything I do! 

I will embrace the ‘now’ each day! Look for something good in everything you do! If you are doing something you don’t enjoy but it needs to be done. Just do it! Then the feelings of dread are gone. We’ve all done it, sat there thinking! Oh I really need to clean the bathrooms! Or, I really need to change the bed linen! Oh I’ll just have another cup of tea! No! Stop! Get the job done, then have a cup of tea! Then you will feel good that the task you had been putting off. I use the bullet journal system! It’s like a to do list with various symbols. Each morning I transfer things I didn’t get done from yesterday. If I find I am rewriting a certain tasks each day and not getting them done, I make a point of completing that task! Do not procrastinate! Set yourself manageable tasks, do not put down more tasks than you know you can do! Have a month to do list, put things you would like to get done within the current month. Each day look at the list and see if you can do at least one thing. At the end of each day try write down three things to be great full for. If you can’t manage three do at least one. 

The days when I feel lost and floundering are the days when I am not actively Journalling! I need it in my life!

That feeling when you look back over your to do list and see the completed symbols give you such a positive feeling! You feel energised and worthwhile. 

You can find out about Bullet Jounalling here.

So if you find you are doing things you don’t enjoy but you have to do them, try find a positive in doing them. Try doing the things you don’t enjoy first, set yourself a deadline and a ‘treat’. If I get that done I can have a break, or a quick chat with a colleague. Save the tasks you enjoy doing until last if you can. 

Make yourself a doer! Don’t procrastinate!

My good friend Stephanie Dodier shared a quote recently

She believed she could, so she did! 

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