Vitamin D and why it is so important.

Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium and maintains the balance of calcium and phosphates in the body thus keeping your bones healthy. It also helps balance your immune system and reduces inflammation. However in modern society, we are often very deficient because we spend a lot of time inside, at school, in offices or wharehouses. Also a diet high in processed foods inhibits absorption of most nutrients in food.

Being in the Northern Hemisphere our sunshine can be hit and miss. I am out and about walking each day and I still take a supplement. I take 2,500 iu a day just to boost my vitamin D levels. At this dose it would be unlikely you would be taking too much. Taking 10,000 iu may cause toxicity depending on your weight. If you take this at the same time as a cod liver oil supplement, this will help the absorption of the vitamin d as it needs fat to assist it into the body.

I always try treat people using food for their nutrition, vitamin D, fish oils and magnesium are my exceptions. I advise an extra supplement. 

Foods rich in vitamin d are as follows :-

Raw milk. This is better than store bought which is very processed.


Fish. Choose fish lower in Mercury. Such as salmon and haddock

Cod liver oil.


Of course getting out in the sunshine causes the body to make its own vitamin d.
Vitamin d deficiency can cause the following symptoms :-

Brittle or week bones


Eczema and psoriasis 

SAD and depression 



Inflammation in the body

So if the sun is shining, go and boost your vitamin d levels by taking a walk. If you work in an office, eat your lunch outside, then go for a walk.

In studies, having good levels of vitamin d in the body, helps with concentration, memory recall and brain clarity. It has also been shown to reduce the risk of breast and colon cancer.

So keep your bones stronger and your muscles healthy as you get older. Be an active person in older life.

It is known vitamin deficiency has an impact on obesity, so ditch the processed foods and instead eat nutrient rich foods such as fresh vegetables and good quality meat. 

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