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Hello and welcome to my new Blog, Healingtohealth. The reason I am starting this is to share with you all my exciting journey into healing my type ii diabetes. I was diagnosed in 1997 and have been on and off insulin since then. I was 300 pound at my heaviest which was when I was also on insulin.

Me pre diet 280

I discovered the Atkins Diet in 2004, I did really well and lost a considerable amount of weight, but like a lot of people I treated it like a diet and not a lifestyle change.I felt really good but soon got back into my old eating habits. So the weight came back on very quickly. I realised I had a serious problem but seemed incapable of helping myself.

In 2006 when my first marriage ended I went back on Atkins and have been Low Carb ever since. I had a blip the year my mum died as I am an emotional eater, but I have been pretty much on Low Carb since then.

The most frustrating thing I have found over the past few years is staying Low Carb but noticing my weight stall and my blood sugars escalate. I realised I am very affected by stress, even though I tweaked what I was eating and lowered my carb intake even more, my blood glucose was still remaining high. The last 2 1/2 years my life has been incredibly stressful, it is too long a story to go into now. January 2014 I finally went to the GP to ask for help! I had to see the Practice Nurse Specialist, my nickname for her is The Dragon. She was never very sympathetic and only stuck to the advice given out by the government. In her defense legally that is all she could do.

I was put back on insulin! This was a move I didn’t want to make but my health was deteriorating.

By September 2014 it was apparent to me that no matter how much insulin I gave myself it didn’t lower my blood glucose enough. I put 30 pound on in 2 months. I was desperate. Reluctantly the nurse finally referred me back to the consultants at the hospital. He changed my insulin as he said the regime I was on was incorrect. Initially it lowered my glucose and some weight came back off, but my glucose kept creeping up no matter how Low Carb I ate. I felt so ill and was falling asleep constantly. I was prescribed anti depressants, I felt a failure.

In May 2015 I found a way to regain my health, I look forward to sharing my journey with you!
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