Let’s Talk About Exercise.

In January 2014, following a recommendation from my Chiropractor, I contacted Susan Taylor the owner of Isleloseit Fitness Camp. She was very enthusiastic and made me feel I could really do this. She told me they met locally 6:15-7 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I said that I might have difficulty in making it on the Wednesday and Friday as I wasn’t sure what time I finished work. Susan asked if I worked nights! Oh how naïve I was lol! I didn’t realise it was 6:15am!!!!!!! I remember my first bootcamp session, I felt so unfit, I could only manage 1 Burpee, I was the slowest but I was determined. I never felt I was letting anyone down as we all worked to our own ability. As it was winter and very cold I had to layer up, so I felt more like Michelin Man running around.

The exercises we do are HIIT(High-intensity Interval Training) Every day we go it is something different, this is better for me as I never know what I am going to do. We have a great group of people and we all support each other, even if I am not perfect I always do my best and if I can help someone in the process I’m happy.
People have called me crazy in the past for getting up so early in the morning, but for me it is the best time of day:-

  • I don’t have time to argue with myself
  • Once I have finished I do not have to think about exercise any more that day. If I had to do Bootcamp in the evening I would have all day to talk myself out of it.
  • I start my day with a sense of achievement. Putting me in a good mindset.

My coach Sarah is brilliant at getting me motivated and if ever I have gone through a bad spell which I did earlier this year she was always there for me giving me support. I do have depression and at times just getting out of bed in a morning can be a real challenge. But thankfully Sarah is aware of this and understands my down times. If I miss a session she will text me to give me the nudge I need.     Janre, Susan’s business partner often comes and visits our camp. She is always there on hand if you have a problem,  she is also a great motivator.
I train with a great bunch of people who are very supportive, we encourage each other and even have a laugh, this all give out a good feeling and a sense of achievement. It is like a big family.

It can be tough going especially when its raining or we are laying on a cold snowy field, but I actually prefer the cold weather because I know that thermogenesis is great for weight loss, So the colder the temperature is the faster my body is burning fat.

It can be a vicious cycle, you don’t exercise because you are depressed, but doing exercise helps your depression, I sometimes have to have a stern talk with myself to keep going. It would be so easy to give up, I often have an inward battle but I no I don’t really have the option to not do it as I would stagnate.
So what you need to do is find something you enjoy, In my opinion HIIT or resistance training are the best all round exercise for weight loss, cardio is good but it doesn’t promote weight loss. Although I I sometimes enjoy it for the feel good factor.
 I still hate Burpees, and I moan about doing them, but at least I am actually getting out of bed to do something to make a change for the better.

 If it wasn’t for Susan and her company, also Sarah and Jane I would be in my warm cosy bed every morning, but I would not be fit and toning my body up!

Find somewhere local to you and give it a go. Don’t just sit and think about it do it!! If you can only manage a walk that is better than nothing.
If you live in Scunthorpe or the surrounding area then you can find the website for Isleloseit here.


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